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Oil decoloring sand

Properties: oil decoloring sand is white or blue particles, main composition is sio2, break traditional acid, alkali, clay decoloring deodorization complex process, direct use filter, filter out the impurity in the oil and oxide removing impurity, to taste, decoloring, separation at an organic whole, make the black oil into light color transparent liquid, processed and diesel fuel of acid value and chroma comply with state standards, (GB/T6540-86), and long-term storage, not bad, good stability, greatly save the investment, and shortened the processing time. Its characteristic is easy to use, the effect is obvious, no longer back to the color, is the small oil refining and oil companies decoloring method is worth promoting.

USES: diesel oil decoloring, in addition to taste; Waste engine oil regeneration as well as the biological diesel oil, animal and plant oil decolorization, purification and in addition to flavor, etc.

Specification: 20-80 mesh; 40-100 mesh; The 80-120 mesh, etc. (according to customer's requirement).


Project Index
Aperture A 90-100
Hole capacity ml/g 0.85-1.0
than surface m2/g 300-500
Drying weightlessness %at150degrees C 8
Adsorption (RH100%) % 90
Particle rate % Agreement

Packing: 20 kg/white weave bags lined with polyethylene bags) or available upon request.