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Oil bleaching powder

Properties: Oil decoloring powder is white powder, the main component is silicon dioxide. It breaks the traditional complex process of decolorization and deodorization of acid, alkali and white clay. It directly filters impurities and oxides in the oil by filtering. Impurities, deodorization, decolorization, and separation make the darkened oil into a light-colored transparent liquid. The acid value and color of diesel after processing meet the fuel standard (GB / T6540-86), and it will not be stored for a long time. Discoloration, no deterioration, good stability, greatly saving investment, shortening the processing process and time. Its characteristics are simple to use, obvious effect, no longer color, and it is a decoloring method worthy of promotion for small oil refining and oil adjustment enterprises.

Uses: Decolorization and deodorization of diesel oil; regeneration of waste engine oil and decolorization, purification and deodorization of biodiesel, animal and vegetable oils.

Specifications: 20-80 mesh; 40-100 mesh; 80-120 mesh, etc. (according to customer requirements).


Project Index
Aperture A 90-100
Hole capacity ml/g 0.85-1.0
than surface m2/g 300-500
Drying weightlessness %at150degrees C 8
Adsorption (RH100%) % 90
Particle rate % Agreement

Packing: 20kg / white woven bag (lined with polyethylene bag) or according to customer requirements.