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What is the silicone wristbands? Silicone wristbands can be also known as silica gel hand ring, from fabric wristbands, early hand with few people use glue, is mainly used to identify or used as the entry certificate.. Early in 2005, has a little charity through the sale has the special words printed plastic hand raise money, but the general effect. Until 2005, in the middle of the plastic hand with celebrities driven became today's popular decorations. It has identified crafts and souvenirs, is now widely used in the activities of social class, silica gel products bring personality and joy.
And silicone wristbands has the following characteristics: has a variety of fluorescence, luminous, a variety of colors of silicone bracelet, soft deformation, non-toxic, wear resistance, cracking, high temperature resistant, long service life, does not stimulate the skin, fashion, etc. In addition to the decorative, but also the health, health care, drive midge effect. Column chromatography silica gel bracelet - style classification chemical stability, no combustion, no smell, weather resistance, chemical resistance, temperature tolerance, economic and environmental protection, and beautiful and easy, with ornamental and memorial.