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Thin-layer chromatography sili

Properties: thin-layer chromatography silica gel plate with high quality by the means of thin-layer chromatography silica gel as raw material, match with appropriate adhesive spread on the glass, board face white, uniform and smooth, fine and no loss. Thin-layer chromatography silica gel plate separation effect is good, is the main characteristics of high plate number; Spot small spots, facilitate series analysis; The separation time is short; High sensitivity, the spots were clear non-proliferation.

Usage: used for various types of organic material qualitative or quantitative analysis, in medicine, pesticides, Chinese herbs, organic chemical products and food, food trace impurities and has been widely used in the main ingredients of identification.

Specification: 30 x 100 mm; 50 * 100 mm; 50 * 200 mm; 100 x 200 mm; 200 x 200 mm (according to customer's requirement)


Model By Use General board ( )and preparation board (quantitative analysis)
By Type Type G; GF254; TypeH; HF254
By Performance Thin-layered silicone;
Common specifications Size(mm) Quantity /boxes) Size (mm) Quantity / boxes)
30X100 60 50X100 40
50X150 20 50X200 20
100X100 20 100X150 10
100X200 10 200X200 10
Plate thickness (mm) Normal plate 0.2-0.25;
Activity Three-color separation

Packing: do the inner packing with polyethylene; The outer packing for cartons (or according to customer's requirement).