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Column layer chromatography si

Properties: this product is white uniform particles, the main composition is sio2, made from high quality silica gel as the raw material processing. Its main characteristic is to through the different components of mixed material adsorption retention time differences, achieve the purpose of separation and purification. According to its purity is divided into industrial-grade coarse bore log chromatography silica gel column chromatography silica gel, reagent level.

Purpose: column layer chromatography silica gel is mainly used for refined petroleum products, removing aromatic substances or used for separation and purification of effective components of Chinese herbal medicine, the preparation of high purity material, etc.


International practice: 63-212 microns (70-230 mesh); 38-63 microns (230-400 mesh)

Domestic routine: 150-250 microns (60-100 mesh); 75-150 microns (100-200 mesh); 45-75 microns (200-300 mesh) (also can according to user needs processing into other specifications)


Project Index
Industrial grade Reagent level
Aperture A 90-100 90-100
Hole capacity ml/g 0.85-1.0 0.85-1.0
than surface m2/g 300-500 300-500
Drying weightlessness %at150degrees C 5 3
PH(100g/L water suspension)ml/g 6.0-8.0 6.0-7.0
Chlorides (Cl) % —— 0.02
Iron (Fe) % —— 0.02
Particle rate % 60 or 80(according to customer request)

Package: 20 kg/compound bag; 20 kg/carton or 20 kg/cardboard barrels (lined with polyethylene bag) or provide according to customer requirements.

Storage: should be stored in dry and ventilated warehouse and avoid moisture and volatile matter storage.