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Coarse Kong Wei silicone ball

Properties: white appearance of coarse Kong Wei silicone ball is transparent or translucent spherical particles. Its internal with uniform pore structure, physical and chemical performance is stable, good thermal stability, high mechanical strength. Of water vapor and other gases and solvent has strong adsorption.

Use: this product is the melamine, phthalic anhydride, maleic anhydride, acrylonitrile butadiene rubber glue, and other important industrial products used as catalyst and catalyst carrier in production; Used for extraction and separation of artemisinin; Widely used in petrochemical products refined removal aromatics; Can also be used for selective adsorption of organic gases, liquids separation and multivalent harmful elements such as ion exchange in drinking water.

Specification: 20-40 mesh; 35 to 50 mesh; 30-100 mesh; 40-120 mesh; 100-200 mesh or production according to user's requirements, etc.


Project Index
Aperture A 80-120
Hole capacity ml/g 0.8-1.1
than surface m2/g 300-600
Drying weightlessness %at150degrees C 5
Adsorption (RH100%) % 90
Grinding % 10
Particle rate % 85 or 90(on request by customer)

Package: 20 kg/compound bag; 20 kg/carton or 20 kg/cardboard barrels (lined with polyethylene bag) or provide according to customer requirements.