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Type A silica gel (pores)

Traits:AType I silica gel, also known as fine pore silica gel,The appearance is transparent or translucent glassDivided into spheres and blocks.Average aperture2.0-3.0nm,Specific surface650-800m2/g,Pore volume0.35-0.45ml/g,Specific heat0.92KJ/kg.℃,thermal conductivity0.63KJ/m.Hr.℃。

Purpose:Mainly used as desiccant, moisture-proof beads, taste remover and a variety of adsorbents. It is widely used to control the relative humidity of the environment in the storage and transportation of instruments, instruments, equipment, leather, luggage, shoes, textiles, food, drugs, etc., so as to prevent moisture, mildew and corrosion of articles. Because of its obvious moisture absorption effect at high stacking density and low humidity, it can be used as air purifier. It is also widely used in the process of shipping, because the goods are often wet and spoiled because of the high temperature in the process of transportation. The product can effectively dehumidify and moisture-proof, so that the quality of the goods can be guaranteed.



Project Indicators
Spherical  Block
Adsorption capacity RH=20%     %≥ 8.0 8.0
RH=50%     %≥ 20.0 20.0
RH=90%     %≥ 30.0 30.0
Heating reduction                %≤ 5.0 5.0
Stacking density               g/L≥ 720 670
Silica content            %≥ 98 98
Qualified rate of spherical particles          %≥ 82 --
Qualified rate of granularity              %≥ 90(orAgreement)

Packing:25Kilogram/Compound bag(lined with polyethylene bags)或Provide according to customer request.