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Macroporous silica gel

Macroporous silica gel is a special type of silica gel.Low density macroporous silica gel is milky white particle, which is mainly divided into two parts: low density macroporous silica gel and milky white particle.SiO2.nH2O,Just like any other silicone.是A highly active adsorption material, belonging to amorphous material,Insoluble in water and inorganic acid, soluble in hydrofluoric acid and caustic alkali solution.According to the shape of macroporous silica gel, it can be divided into macroporous spherical silica gel and macroporous bulk silica gel.
    Product characteristics
    Macroporous silica gel is insoluble in water and any solvent, non-toxic and tasteless, stable in chemical properties, and does not react with any substance except strong alkali and hydrofluoric acid. Because the fabrication method of macroporous silica gel is different from other silica gel methods, different microporous structures are formed. The biggest characteristic of its difference from other silica gel is that the pore capacity is large, that is, the adsorption capacity is very large, and the stacking specific gravity is very light. At present, the pore volume of macroporous silica gel produced in China is up to the maximum.1.7ml/g。
    This product is widely used in beer stabilizer, catalyst and catalyst carrier, polymer protein adsorption, purification and purification of living active substances, water quality purification and recovery of precious metals, separation and purification of effective components of Chinese herbal medicine and synthetic drugs, water-resistant adhesive materials and air separation adsorption. Its technical indicators are shown in the table:
Type Pore volume (ml/g) Stacking specific gravity(g/L) Aperture(A) Specific surface area(㎡/g) Water content Original granularity (object)
Type I 1.0-1.3 350~400 120~150 330 ~400 ≤5% 80items>80%
Type II 1.3~1.7 300~350 150~300 290 ~330 ≤5% 80items>80%
Type III 1.7~2.0 250~300 300~400 250~290 ≤5% 80items>80%
Type IV 2.0~2.5 200~250 400~500 200~250 ≤5% 80items>80%
Type V 2.5~3.0 180~220 >500 150~200 ≤5% 80items>80%