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Dispersing agent (Dispersant) is a kind of molecule that has at the same timeLipophilicity和HydrophilicityTwo interfacial surfactants with opposite properties. But uniform dispersion of those that are difficultDissolutionSolid and liquid particles in liquid inorganic and organic pigments, but also prevent particlesSettlement和CondensationTo form stability.SuspensionWhat is neededKinshipReagent.

The function of dispersing agent is to use wetting dispersing agent to reduce the time and energy needed to complete the dispersion process, and to stabilize the dispersion.PigmentDispersion, surface properties of modified pigment particles, adjustment of mobility of pigment particles . It is embodied in the following aspects:

1The most important thing to do is to improve the luster and increase the leveling effect of luster.CoatingSurface scattering of light。    

2To prevent floating colors and flowers.

3, improve the coloring power,Note that the higher the coloring power in the automatic color system, the better.

4Reduce viscosity and increase pigment loading.

5, reduce flocculation, but the finer the particle surface性The higher the energy, the higher the adsorption strength of the dispersing agent, but the higher the adsorption strength of the dispersing agent may cause adverse to the performance of the film.

6, the reasons for increasing storage stability andAboveSimilarly, once the stability strength of dispersing agent is not enough, the storage stability becomes worse.

7, increase color development, increase color saturation, increase transparency (organic pigments) or cover power (inorganic pigments).