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System glaze agent

The raw materials used in glaze making can provide one or more oxide components for the composition of glaze, which determine the properties of glaze.SiO2It's a glass formation, and in most glazes,SiO2Content occupation50%Above, in the daily porcelain glaze generally contains60~75%Mainly introduced by quartz, clay and feldspar. In the glaze,SiO2The main physics of glaze can be affected by the increase of content.-Mechanical properties. The role in glaze:

    (The main results are as follows: 1) increasing the melting temperature of the glaze and making the glaze have higher fire resistance;

    (2) increase the viscosity of glaze and reduce the liquidity of glaze during melting; 

    (3) to increase the resistance of glaze to water solubility and chemical erosion; 

    (4) increase the mechanical strength and glaze surface hardness of the glaze; 

    (5) reduce the expansion coefficient of glaze.

    As far as the melting property of glaze is concerned,SiO2The melting properties of the glaze are determined by the molar ratio of the glaze to the alkaline oxide.