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Silicone pressure swing adsorp

Properties: appearance of silica gel is transparent or translucent glass pressure swing adsorption (psa), chemical formula for mSiO2. NH2O, stable chemical properties, avirulent insipidity, with fine silica have similarities, but selective adsorption capacity is better than that of fine silica. Psa silica gel mainly has the characteristics of fast adsorption, stripping also fast.

Purpose: is a pressure swing adsorption (psa) gas separation and purification of high-tech, silicone pressure swing adsorption (psa) is mainly used in co2 gas recovery, separation and purification, used in the synthetic ammonia industry, food and beverage processing industry, such as carbon dioxide extraction, can also be used for drying, moisture and dehydration of organic products refined, etc.


Project Index
 Particle size mm 1-2;1-3; 0.5-1.5; 0.5-1 ; 2-4; 4-8 ;2-5
Mechanical strength % 95
  Water absorption at 25degrees C and below at relativehumidity(%): Relative humidity20% % 8
Relative humidity50% % 20
Relative humidity90% % 30

Packing: 25 kg/compound bag, or 170 kg barrel (lined with polyethylene bag).