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Fragrance silicone

Main ingredients: natural essence, silica, a variety of types, stabilizers, globular, now the company mainly produces red, green, blue, yellow pearl and various mixed color silica gel.

Method of use: due to the colour of this product is beautiful and brilliant luster, can send out a fragrance for a long time at the same time, so it is widely used in the production and living, can be placed in the car, bedroom, bathroom and other places as interior decoration, clean air for the products. Dosage of be placed in the bedroom of 20 square metre 50 g silica gel fragrance, can make the bedroom persistent within 30 days.

Characteristics: 1, this product has strong adsorption ability, can effectively remove indoor peculiar smell. 2, non-toxic harmless to the human body. 3, beautiful, have a light faint scent. 4, wide range of applications.

Specification: 3-5, 4-6, 4-8, 5 -- 8, 6 -- 8, 8 -- 10 mm