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Silica gelRelease agent is specially used to prevent the demoulding of vulcanized silica gel products.,The phenomenon that it is not easy to remove a product from a mold hole. In silica gel vulcanization, it can quickly achieve the demoulding and cleaning effect, and can increase the production efficiency and reduce the cost of mold maintenance and repair, at the same time, it can also maintain excellent lubrication between metal and non-metal.

I. advantages

    1,Silica gel release agent is mainly aimed at silicone rubber accessories, trademark rubber mold, silica gel key production demoulding and new products, with excellent release property, product surface smooth, non-pollution and so on.

    2,It is not easy to pollute the mould, reduce the number of cleaning molds, and the secondary processing is easy.

    3,Reduce the bad rate of forming products.

    4,It only needs to be coated with a thin layer, which will not be accumulated in the corner, so it can improve the accuracy of the dimension.。

    5,release agent colorless,Tasteless,Non-toxic,Do not hurt the skin,Harmless to the human body.。

    6,Because of its very low surface tension and superior thermal stability, it can be widely used in harsh temperature, because this product has very high stability and safety, and has no irritation and harmfulness at all, so it can be safely used.

    7,The product has the characteristics of easy dispersion, low addition ratio and so on, and can also improve the adhesive effect of the product. The product can also be used in food-grade products.

 II. Product parameters

    Colorless transparent liquid, white paste.


   Specific gravity (25oC):1.01


    Dilution solvent: water

    The most appropriate dilution rate:3~5

    III. Methods of use

    1Dilute method: adjust the required concentration with water, and stir evenly.

2After dilution with clean water, spray on the surface of the mold; the specific dilution ratio should be selected according to the degree of difficulty of molding and demoulding of silica gel products, in the use process, the amount of release agent spray will not cause whitening, cracks, watermarks, spitting oil and other adverse appearance phenomena on the surface of the product after molding.


  IV. Matters needing attention

    1,Avoid high temperature, direct sunlight, away from fire, strong acidic substances, metal oxides, amines and flammable materials. Suitable for room temperature (preferably25℃The following is stored in the ventilation area.

    2,Strictly control the adding proportion, this product adds too much, easy to produce the product spray frost phenomenon, seriously affects the appearance. If the product produces this phenomenon, it can be eliminated by boiling, secondary vulcanization and so on.