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Nano mineral crystal

Nano-mineral crystals are porous mineral adsorbents, and these minerals are reasonably configured to form nano-mineral crystal air purifier products. Among them, the nano-lattice can absorb toxic and harmful nano-sized small molecular polar substances in the air, such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and so on. the nano-mineral crystal air purifier has the characteristics of fast adsorption speed and can be recycled for polar molecules. 

The products that can be made by nanometer are: automobile formaldehyde removal odor removal series products, decoration formaldehyde deodorization series products, household smoke removal odor removal air purification products, toilet deodorization products, refrigerator deodorization products, air purification equipment adsorption filter, and chemical filter in industrial air purification equipment. 

Functional characteristics. 

Nanocrystals have a large number of pores, the structure is similar to that of 3A, 4A and 5A molecular sieves, and the micropore diameter is about 0.3ft 0.9 nm to form nanocrystals, which determines its super adsorption and recycling characteristics. 

1. Adsorbing only nano-scale gas molecules; 

2. The lattice pore surface has polarity, which gives priority to the adsorption of polar gas compounds. 

3. Under simple and effective desorption conditions, nanocrystals will be desorbed and regenerated when the temperature is above 45 degrees Celsius, which can be reused. 

Nanocrystals can be divided into basic type, standard type, negative ion health care type, adsorption type, decomposition type (photocatalyst type) and escape type (small white dragon type) according to different production technology. please choose the corresponding type according to the use space, the effect is better. 


The main results are as follows: 

1. the number of nano-sized pores and micropores is more than that of activated carbon of the same volume, so the adsorption rate of nano-mineral crystals on harmful gases such as formaldehyde is faster than that of activated carbon, and the effect is stronger than activated carbon. 

2. because of the strong adsorption effect of nano-mineral crystals, the amount of nano-mineral crystals per unit area is much less than that of activated carbon. it has been proved that the amount of activated carbon per unit area is 250g, while the amount of nano-mineral crystals is only 25g. 

3. because of different production processes, activated carbon is often black and dirty, while nanocrystals are natural substances, no smell, clean, dust-free, and can be used as fillers for other products (such as toys). 

4, the service life of activated carbon is only 5 Mel 8 months, while the release cycle of formaldehyde is 3-15 years, nanocrystals can be recycled, sun exposure or heating and baking can make the product desorption and regeneration, the service life is much longer than activated carbon, is an ideal substitute for activated carbon. 

Use method. 


The main results are as follows:

1. due to the strong adsorption power of nano-mineral crystals, it is easy to lead to adsorption saturation in the case of serious indoor pollution or heavy indoor moisture, so users are required to be exposed to the sun to release adsorbents. restore the activity of the product and restore its powerful adsorption function. 

2. as the product will release polar gas compounds when exposed to the sun or during baking, please expose yourself to the sun in an outdoor ventilated place and use baking equipment. please choose ventilated baking equipment or maintain good ventilation when baking. 

3. please pay attention to the following details when using this product in the car: the car is exposed to the sun and the temperature in the car may exceed 45 degrees Celsius. please open the door and ventilate for 4 minutes before entering the car in order to release the pollutants in the car.After entering the car to start the car, if you do not use air-conditioning, please open the window to drive. This product can still protect the health of people in the car at 45 degrees. 

Note: it is recommended to use 1Mel 2kg for every 10 square meters of new home and 3kg for each new car. The effect will be better if the dosage is increased.