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Silica gel column layer chromatography silica gel strip on t

Transparent silicone products since how could be transparent yellow, yellow can also transparent, that is what reason is caused? The oxidation? Normal transparent silicone products are put a couple of years will not yellow, but sometimes we are in production, some of the transparent silicone products is yellow, the transparent silicone products why yellow? Column layer chromatography silica gel manufacturer sleep problem is out in the following aspects:


Yellow transparent silicone products what is the problem?

A. The vulcanizing agent

1. The vulcanizing properties are divided into regular and resistance to yellow. The scope of its application has the following two aspects:

2. Normal don't fight yellow vulcanizing agent, used in some can be used for dark or non exposed silicone products for color request is not high.

3. The yellow resistance vulcanizing agent applied to need to appear bright, color is shallow, and a need to color.


2. Process

Transparent silicone products during molding, leading to a transparent silicone products after molding color yellow main problems are:

1. The mold temperature is too high

2. The curing time is too long,

3. After secondary curing temperature


3. The poor quality raw material itself

Sometimes we added resistance to yellow in the rubber vulcanizing agent, but after the molding is still looks yellow transparent silicone products, it might be the raw material of Huang Nengli is too bad, bad for raw material yellow resistance of material suggestion is directly refueling.


Conclusion: although the silicone products have excellent weather resistance and aging resistance. But sometimes is a yellowing of silica gel products. To avoid this situation, to choose the vulcanizing agent, according to the process to strictly control the mold temperature and the curing time of the product, must pay attention to the raw material of yellow resistance materials.