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Column layer chromatography silica gel manufacturer to expla

In the daily column layer chromatography silica gel manufacturer how to choose silicone pacifiers.

1, must be a qualified silicone nipple non-toxic tasteless transparent color, using 100% food grade (imports) silicone materials;

2, very soft and elastic, nipple can stretch to 5 mm long, so the baby's tongue can like suck breast milk when freedom of activity;

3, use soft silicone, silicone nipple thickness is twice that of an ordinary pacifier, therefore in the process of sucking baby will not break, and long-term tearing resistance would not be damaged;

4, general qualified silicone you are adopting automatic machinery production, production process automatic without manual intervention,


Column layer chromatography silica gel manufacturer to explain how to choose silicone pacifier? How long does it take to replace?

5, as the design and feel like real breast, let the baby in the process of sucking asing if is the same feeling when sucking milk;

6, inherited the excellent characteristics of silica gel products, high-temperature resistance, weathering resistance, can adapt to repeat of high temperature, low temperature, high pressure, boiling, microwave oven, chemical corrosion and so on safety operation;

7, at the same time the silicone pacifier won't stick them together with food, easy to clean, at the same time in the water, it will be clean again;

8, qualified silicone pacifier life is long, generally can be used for more than 10 years;

9, all need to comply with the relevant European qualified silicone nipple EN14350-2 children's products safety inspection standards, and and FDA certification.

Silicone pacifier in what condition change right, in general, the service life of the silica gel nipple is 2 months or so. But if there is a pacifier damage, corrosion and other special circumstances, please replace the pacifier in time, to ensure the security of baby's diet, so mothers need to regularly check the baby pacifier at ordinary times, if there is any breakage fissure or below case, it must be replaced:


Column layer chromatography silica gel manufacturer to explain how to choose silicone pacifier? How long does it take to replace?

1. Baby pacifier has been destroyed;

2. If the children eat is very arduous, nursing time more than 15 minutes, then the pacifier is small or blocked. At that time mom can help baby in one or the nipple holes with larger;

3. Pacifier thinning, which showed that the pacifier flimsy. Inspect pacifier intensity, forcibly dragged the pacifier. Good pacifier should return to original state, if there is no back, shouldn't be used;

4. The pacifier sticky or expansion, this may be the pacifier due to aging;

5. The pacifier have crack, breakage, one thousand pieces, may let the baby inside.

6. The pacifier becomes angry, this may indicate the pacifier aging;

7. The baby by months of age, different stages with different aperture of the pacifier